Blast from the past...#1

Blast from the past...#1

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Every so often, you know, when I’m feeling particularly narcissistic, I’ll explore the contents of a CD-ROM or a big black portfolio and look back fondly on the good old days. The time before I realised the world actually isn’t my oyster (which isn’t such a big deal because I detest shellfish - except scallops, but we digress).

So what caught my eye this time and why? Well, I like this ad for HSBC Premium Banking for a number of reasons, one of which is that it takes me back to RMG Connect (now swallowed up and digested by JWT). I’d tell you the others but you’d have to give me a brief and a budget first.

Anyways…RMG was my first freelanced job after I left GT. I was booked for three days and stayed for almost a year, strolling around Knightsbridge in my red velvet smoking jacket as if I owned the place.

The people at RMG were a really nice bunch to work with, to my face at least. In addition to some sterling work on the likes of HSBC, Nokia, and Mini there were also some sterling nights out - mostly at the Nag’s Head if you know it. (If you don’t, DO NOT use your mobile phone if you ever go in there. Oh - and YOU MUST hang your coat on the hooks provided.)

In any case, it got my freelance career off to a great start and I had a great time to boot. And you can’t put a premium on that.