Jaguar Formula E Virtual Reality Challenge

Jaguar returned to acing with Formula E. And this first-of-its-kind, fully immersive Virtual Reality Experience was created by Imagination to put users in the driving seat, putting them through a series of challenges in landscapes inspired by cities on the Formula E racing circuit.

From my point of view, the copywriting had to unite complex layers of messaging had keep the audience informed, engaged and excited for a significant length of time. The voiceover and supporting captions needed to cover Jaguar’s racing heritage, Formula E technical info, and the importance of electric technology for Jaguar.

In addition to the more technical and descriptive content, I also came up with a series of humorous soundbytes to sum up a drivers performance after each stage.

Taking place at a Global Auto Show, with the world’s biggest Automotive Brands all fighting for a share of voice, it had to be good.

The results spoke for themselves

  • 31% share of voice for VR on social media
  • 6,588 users - 30% more users per day than predicted
  • Email open rate 45%
  • Email click-through to Jaguar owned channels 11%
  • Feedback screen completions and rating 1,702 / 98% happy
  • Best in show according to research and vox pops  
Jaguar Formula E Virtual Reality Challenge