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Going global

Posted on 09/January/2018

It’s pretty amazing really. In 2017 I worked for clients based in Belgium, Holland, Portugal, Sweden, Switzerland, Taiwan, the US and, oh yes, the UK too. All I need is an iPad, my Word app and an internet connection and I’m suddenly an in-house writing resource for any client or agency anywhere on earth. Except Albania - but that’s a different story.

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Not just any Port in a storm

Posted on 15/March/2017

I got 2017 off to a flying start with a trip out to Porto. Mission? To immerse myself in Port wine. Tut. I know… isn’t it? It was all part of a cracking project with Imagination to develop a brand new visitor experience for Cálem - Portugal’s leading Port brand and the city’s most popular Port tour.

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Sorry, but I can't write about it

Posted on 29/August/2016

I’m working on a couple of interesting scripts at the moment, but I’ve had to sign a NDA for each so can’t really say too much about them.

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Blast from the past...#1

Posted on 26/July/2016

Sometimes - but not often - I come across a piece of work that brings a tear to my eye and, yes, a smile even to my face. It might be a poster, a promotion, even a radio script. Today it’s a print ad for HSBC written while on a most enjoyable stint at RMG Connect.

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Lending Standards Board goes live

Posted on 25/July/2016

A new website for the Lending Standards Board has just gone live. My involvement ranged from defining a site structure to developing a clear, consistent tone and generating reams of new content. Ever borrowed money? See how you’re protected.

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All in the Imagination

Posted on 22/July/2016

I’m looking forward to working with Paul Marsden once more, this time on a Photokina project at Imagination.

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Scripts coming in thick and fast

Posted on 20/July/2016

I’ve been working with award-winning Belgian director Peter Boston on a series of promotional videos - and the collaboration is set to continue.

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